Soundtrack Special: If Music Be the Food of Love… A Film Music Tribute to Shakespeare

shakeSoundtracks Live! celebrates William Shakespeare in 2016 commemorating the fact that the author of such immortal works as Romeo and JulietHamlet and The Tempest died 400 years ago, on April 23, 1616.

Throughout the history of film – and film music – Shakespeare has been a constant source of inspiration and his intense, psychologically charged dramas – as well as his playful and timeless comedies – has sparkled the cinematic musical imagination of such esteemed composers as William Walton, Dimitri Shostakovich and Nino Rota – and perhaps most importantly, Scottish composer Patrick Doyle, who scored all of Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptations of Shakespeare works.

The layout of the Soundtracks Live! Shakespeare tribute balances classical film music works with newer ones, choosing one film and score for each of Shakespeare’s best known works. The program is available in two versions (depending on availability of choir). For the presentation, assorted quotes from the referenced works are available for readings in-between the musical pieces.

Program includes music from the following films*:

  • Patrick Doyle: As You Like It (Kenneth Branagh, 2006)
  • William Walton: Hamlet (Laurence Olivier, 1948)
  • Patrick Doyle: Henry V (Kenneth Branagh, 1989)
  • William Walton: Henry V (Laurence Olivier, 1944)
  • Miklós Rózsa: Julius Caesar (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1953)
  • Dimitri Shostakovich: King Lear (Grigori Kozintsev, 1971)
  • Patrick Doyle: Love’s Labours Lost (Kenneth Branagh, 2000)
  • Patrick Doyle: Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh, 1993)
  • Michael Nyman: Prospero’s Books (Peter Greenaway, 1991)
  • William Walton: Richard III (Laurence Olivier, 1955)
  • Nino Rota: Romeo and Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli, 1968)
  • Elliot Goldenthal: Titus (Julie Taymor, 1999)

* All Soundtracks Live! concert programs are subject to client customization to meet your specific demands. Please contact Soundtracks Live! to discuss!

VIDEO: Patrick Doyle: Henry V (Kenneth Branagh, 1989):

SPOTIFY: Selected concert pieces (please note that arrangements may differ slightly from the versions available on Spotify).

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