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Soundtracks Live’s clients include:

Below is a selection of unique concert projects Soundtracks Live! and its artistic director, Mikael Carlsson, have been involved in either providing full production services, music arranging and preparation or repertoire consulting.

Monster Movie Music Madness (Poland, 2018)

FMF – Krakow Film Music Festival 2018, ICE Kraków Congress Centre – FMF Youth Orchestra conducted by Monika Bachowska. A program designed for the annual educational orchestral project of the festival, focusing on music from the King Kong, Frankenstein, Alien movies and other iconic genre movies.

Sci-Fi! (Sweden, 2018)

Gothia Concentus conducted by Emanuel Kling. Another project with Sweden’s largest amateur orchestra, this time focusing on genre cross-over music from various science fiction classics such as Star Wars, Metropolis, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, The Last Starfighter, The Black Hole and Independence Day. This program also featured the world premiere of Soundtracks Live director Mikael Carlsson’s orchestral work, Innerspace.

Soundtracks Live (Canada, 2017)

Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg – Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ryan Shore. The best music from current and recent movie blockbusters including world concert premieres of Doctor Strange (Michael Giacchino), X-Men: Apocalypse (John Ottman), The Magnificent Seven (James Horner & Simon Franglen), Storks (Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna), Kubo and the Two Strings (Dario Marianelli) and Indignation (Jay Wadley).

Oviedo Film Music Live: Soundtrack Stars 2016 (Spain, 2016)

Oviedo Film Music Live, Oviedo – Orquesta Sinfónica Oviedo Filarmonía  conducted by Óliver Díaz. 20 film composers – 20 films – 20 great scores! Program highlights include The Jungle Book (John Debney), Avengers: Age of Ultron (Brian Tyler), Inception (Hans Zimmer), X-Men 2 (John Ottman), Spider-Man 3 (Christopher Young), Gremlins (Jerry Goldsmith), Silverado (Bruce Broughton), Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Michael Kamen) and Legends of the Fall (James Horner).

The Film Music of Carter Burwell (USA, 2015)

Middleburg Film Festival, Virginia – Loudoun Symphony Orchestra conducted by Aaron Sherber. In honor of composer Carter Burwell, the 2015 recipient of the Middleburg Film Festival’s ‘Distinguished Film Composer Award’, Soundtracks Live! was hired to program the repertoire, arrange new suites and prepare the music. Film scores included in the program were Rob Roy, Twilight, Gods and Monsters, Mr. Holmes, Legend and Carol (for which Burwell received his first Academy Award nomination). The concert also featured the world premiere of ‘The Coen Brothers Suite’ featuring music from Fargo, True Grit, A Serious Man, The Man Who Wasn’t There and Miller’s Crossing.

Córdoba es Música de Cine (Spain, 2015)

Puente Genil, Province of Córdoba, Spain – Orquesta de Córdoba, conducted by Juan Manuel Parra and Oscar Navarro. In celebration of films that have been shot on location in the province of Córdoba, this concert featured music from films such as Lawrence of Arabia (Maurice Jarre), Kingdom of Heaven (Harry Gregson-Williams), Entrelobos (Klaus Badelt, suite arranged by Mikael Carlsson), La Mula (Oscar Navarro) and Callas Forever (Alessio Vlad).

Oviedo Film Music Live: Soundtrack Stars 2015 (Spain, 2015)

Oviedo Film Music Live, Oviedo – Orquesta Sinfónica Oviedo Filarmonía and Coro de la Ópera de Oviedo, conducted by Óliver Díaz. A concert showcasing one work each from the 16 most prominent composers working in film today. Program highlights included Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri), Raiders of the Lost Ark (John Williams), Shrek (Harry Gregson-Williams), Independence Day (David Arnold), Avatar (James Horner), Edward Scissorhands (Danny Elfman), How to Train a Dragon (John Powell) and The King’s Speech (Alexandre Desplat).

Marco Beltrami in Concert (USA, 2014)

Middleburg Film Festival, Virginia – Shenandoah Conservatory Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jan Wagner. Composer Marco Beltrami was honored at the Middleburg Film Festival receiving their ‘Distinguished Film Composer Award’. Soundtracks Live! co-produced the concert and prepared new world premiere arrangements of suites from World War Z, The Homesman and The Giver, and prepared orchestra materials for the whole program which also included music from Snowpiercer, A Good Day to Die Hard and The Woman in Black.

The Best of Film Music 2013-2014/A Tribute to Jerry Goldsmith (Spain, 2014)

3rd International Film Music Festival, Córdoba – Orquesta de Córdoba and Coro Ziryab, conducted by Juan Manuel Parra and Arturo Diez Boscovich. A two-part concert featuring music from current films such as How to Train a Dragon 2 (John Powell), Thor: The Dark World (Brian Tyler), A Million Ways to Die in the West (Joel McNeely), Romeo and Juliet (Abel Korzeniowski) and Stalingrad (Angelo Badalamenti) and a tribute to Jerry Goldsmith featuring music from films such as Total Recall, Gremlins, Alien, Legend and Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Best of Television (Spain, 2014)

3rd International Film Music Festival, Córdoba – Orquesta Fílarmonica de Málaga and Coro Ziryab, conducted by Arturo Diez Boscovich. Focusing on recent celebrated television music, this concert featured works such as Downton Abbey (John Lunn), Supernatural (Christopher Lennertz), Penny Dreadful (Abel Korzeniowski), El tiempo entre costuras (Cesar Benito) and a newly conceived Doctor Who Symphony featuring the music of Murray Gold.

Best of the Best (Spain, 2014)

3rd International Film Music Festival, Córdoba – Orquesta de Córdoba and Coro Ziryab, conducted by Òscar Senen. The annual showcase of guest composers work at the Córdoba festival,  this year’s concert featured the music of composers Aritz Villodas, Christopher Lennertz, Nani Garcia, Debbie Wiseman, Sergio Moure, Toshiyuki Watanabe, Rolfe Kent, Abel Korzeniowski and Craig Safan.

The Best of Film Music 2012-2013 (Spain, 2013)

2nd International Film Music Festival, Córdoba – Orquesta de Córdoba and Coro Ziryab, conducted by Arturo Diez Boscovich. Featuring music from 20 current film scores, including many world concert premieres, this gala concert featured the GoldSpirit Awards with many composers in attendance. Program highlights included an eleven minute Evil Dead suite conducted by composer Roque Baños as well as themes and suites from scores such as The Woman in Black (Marco Beltrami), Iron Man 3 (Brian Tyler), The Croods (Alan Silvestri), Argo (Alexandre Desplat), Anna Karenina (Dario Marianelli), Oz: The Great and Powerful (Danny Elfman), Tad: The Lost Explorer (Zacarías M. de la Riva), Les saveurs du palais (Gabriel Yared) and Justin and the Knights of Valour (Ilan Eshkeri).

The Elmer Bernstein Award Concert featuring the Film Music of Marco Beltrami (Spain, 2013)

2nd International Film Music Festival, Córdoba – Orquesta Filarmonica de Malaga and Coro Ziryab, conducted by Arturo Diez Boscovich and Peter Bernstein. Celebrating the inaugural Elmer Bernstein Award, handed out to composer Marco Beltrami by Elmer’s son Peter, this concert featured a 30 minute Tribute to Elmer Bernstein, conducted by Peter Bernstein, and a career-spanning 60 minute program devoted to the music of Marco Beltrami. Soundtracks Live contributed all of the concert arrangements of Beltrami’s music and handled all of the repertoire in the program which featured world premiere performances of new suites from I Robot, Hellboy, Texas Rangers, Mimic and Snowpiercer as well as themes from Knowing, Soul Surfer, A Good Day to Die Hard and The Wolverine. The Bernstein Tribute featured music from The Ten Commandments, To Kill a Mockingbird, Far from Heaven, Ghostbusters, The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape.

Best of the Best (Spain, 2013)

2nd International Film Music Festival, Córdoba – Orquesta de Córdoba, conducted by Brian Cole and Peter Bernstein. Featuring music by guest composers at the International Film Music Festival in Córdoba, this program presented music of great variation and artistic quality from five composers: Peter Bernstein, Debbie Wiseman, Alfons Conde, Rachel Portman and Ilan Eshkeri. Program included several world premieres, for instance Bernstein’s Ewoks suite, Condes suites from No-Do and Viento en contra and a brand new suite from Eshkeri’s Stardust.

John Williams 80th Birthday Tribute (Sweden, 2012)

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Choir, conducted by Frank Strobel. Hired by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra as an artistic advisor and repertoire consultant, Soundtracks Live nailed the program for the orchestra’s tribute to the legendary film composer. The program included a selection of Williams’ best known film themes and suites, as well as two of his Olympic fanfares, and Mikael made sure to include some pieces that are less frequently performed as well, including Born on the Fourth of July and the theme from Williams’ recent score for The Adventures of Tintin. Additionally, Soundtracks Live’s Mikael Carlsson was hired to contribute background research for the program notes and make the choral arrangements for the presentation of Jurassic Park.

The Best of Film Music 2011-2012 (Spain, 2012)

Orquesta de Córdoba and Coro Ziryab, conducted by Arturo Diez Boskovich and Blake Neely. This was the gala concert of the first International Film Music Festival of the Province of Córdoba in Spain, previously held in Úbeda and organized by the passionate BSO Spirit. It marked the first time the festival had an indoor symphonic concert at an actual orchestral concert venue. The first half of the two hour concert was devoted to a selection of the best music from 2011, including pieces representing winners of the 2012 Gold Spirit Awards, while the second half was focused on the best of 2012 so far. Soundtracks Live was fortunate to work with a great orchestra and choir and two very dedicated and hugely talented conductors. Production tasks included all of the programming, licensing, acquisition of scores and parts, adaptation of scores to fit the specifics of the orchestra, overseeing rehearsals and working closely with conductors on artistic and interpretation matters – and the logistics of the concert. The concert included selections by many of the most popular film composers, including James Horner (For Greater Glory), James Newton Howard (Snow White and the Huntsman), Michael Giacchino (Super 8 and John Carter), Alan Silvestri (Captain America and The Avengers) and Danny Elfman (Dark Shadows). More info here.

The Choir Adventure (Spain, 2011)

Coro Ziryab, Cordoba, conducted by Javier Sáenz-López Bunuel. This was the closing concert of the 7th International Film Music Festival, Ciudad de Úbeda, Spain on July 24, 2011, featuring many world premiere performances of choral film music, including No-Do (Alfons Conde), Behind Enemy Lines (Don Davis), Absolute Truth (Debbie Wiseman), Titus (Elliot Goldenthal) and Bless the Child (Christopher Young). Soundtracks Live coordinated the program and contributed several a cappella arrangements as well as consulting on artistic matters during the choir’s preparation of the concert. In a rousing encore, the audience took part in singing Patrick Doyle’s modern classic, ‘Non Nobis Domine’, from Henry V. Please visit YouTube for some footage of the concert!

Tribute to John Barry / James Bond (Spain, 2011)

The Film Symphony Orchestra, Valencia, conducted by Constantino Martínez-Orts. In collaboration with the music director, Soundtracks Live put together an orchestral tribute to the late John Barry in conjunction with a James Bond program. The program was performed outdoors in front of a huge audience in Valencia in the summer of 2011 and featured many of John Barry’s most beloved themes. Please visit YouTube for some footage of the concert!

Swedish Film Music (Sweden, 2006)

Malmö Symphony Orchestra. In a unique program exclusively devoted to Swedish film music, the Malmö Symphony Orchestra performed a lot of exquisite music, including a number of world premieres. Mikael was hired by the MSO to consult on the program and edited the world premiere suites of Hilding Rosenberg’s music from Torment (1944) and Lars Johan Werle’s Persona (1964) in collaboration with the orchestra’s librarian.

Classic Top Hits Goes to the Movies (Sweden, 2005)

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ingar Bergby. Mikael was hired by the GSO as a programming consultant on this great concert where Mikael’s most important contribution was to bring the world premiere performance of Don Davis’ acclaimed music from The Matrix to the Gothenburg Concert Hall – a work that has subsequently been performed in many of the world’s finest venues. Other highlights of the program included Ben Hur, Psycho, Silverado, Out of Africa, Alien and Schindler’s List.

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