Client Focus

Soundtracks Live – it’s all about tailor-making.

Soundtracks Live offers many “ready-to-go” concert packages, but it’s of the utmost importance to us to emphasize that we love to collaborate with our clients on creating unique concert experiences “from scratch”. This means that any of our programs can be adjusted to match the special criteria each client has – it can be a question of duration, instrumentation or repertoire choices.

It also means that we offer consulting and are able to produce completely new programs to fulfil your vision and make your idea come true. Maybe you run a film festival where you would like to put on a concert in tribute to a specific actor, director or composer? Maybe you want to put on a concert with music from films shot on location in your city? Maybe you want to focus on a very specific genre, such as… time travel movies? Anything is possible!

Soundtracks Live artistically supervises the repertoire, coordinate all of the musical elements, provide unique arrangements, and secure copyrights for your concert. Give us your specs, and we will deliver! Just drop as un email and let’s discuss!

Above all, our mission is to present the very best quality music in your concert.

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