Elmer Bernstein’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” on the stands during the International Film Music Festival, Cordoba, 2013. Photo: Phil Watkins.

Marco Beltrami, Academy Award-nominated composer of Scream, Hellboy, World War Z: “Mikael at Soundtracks Live! has done arrangements and orchestrations of my film scores for concert venues that have been performed in Spain, Poland, and Washington DC at various festivals. He has consistently impressed me with his understanding of the concert audience expectation, the various orchestra performance levels, and most importantly, his innate musicianship.”

David Doncel Barthe, CEO, Film Music Festival & International Film Music Festival, Province of Córdoba: A true professional, Mikael at Soundtracks Live! knows how to provide a concert program with light, magic, rhythm and intensity to attract the attention of all kinds of audiences. It is a pleasure and a treat to count on his great work for our festival.”

Pablo Laspra, CEO, Oviedo Film Music Live: “Thanks to Soundtracks Live!, we have developed a quality event in the city of Oviedo, giving ‘Oviedo Film Music Live!’ plenty of international prestige. It is, for the future, a clearly recognized event. Soundtracks Live! is a clear benchmark of quality in the field of symphonic audiovisual music.”

Music from film, television and games is quickly becoming a popular and important part of orchestra repertoires around the world. Concert halls are reaching new audiences with emotional and exciting music from the world of visual storytelling, sometimes referred to as the “classical music” of our day.

Today, orchestral music is experienced by far more people visiting cinemas or playing videogames than concert halls. The symphonic music heritage in our post-modern era is having its most natural and important outpost in films. Thus, film music should have a natural place in the repertoire of any forward-thinking orchestra.

Soundtracks Live! offers a large catalogue of “ready-to-go” concert programs featuring music from film, television and games. Browse and search our web site to see how we can add a new dimension to your repertoire! Apart from our ‘Soundtrack Legends’ and ‘Soundtrack Stars’ concert series, we have many exciting thematic concerts in our ‘Soundtrack Special’ series. Our flagship concept is the Soundtracks Live 2018 concert which features the best of contemporary film music – a carefully assorted selection of the best of music from current films. This program is constantly evolving as new films are released in cinemas and new brilliant scores are written.

In addition to the concert programs featured in our catalogue, we are very happy to conceive and produce tailor-made programs for orchestras and concert halls. Just contact us and we will be thrilled to help! Many of our clients have specific demands and ideas for concerts which we are happy to bring to life with our repertoire expertise and extensive industry network at your disposal.

Soundtracks Live! also offers the help to acquire specific works for your performance. Perhaps you are looking for a theme or a suite from a specific film? Just ask! Most likely, we can find it for you!

Soundtracks Live! is operated by MovieScore Media, a film music company based in Sweden and a publisher of over 300 soundtrack albums, including acclaimed titles such as Let the Right One In, Automata, Grand Piano, the Merlin TV soundtracks, and A Royal Affair. Among the best known composers MovieScore Media worked with are Dario Marianelli, Gabriel Yared, Patrick Doyle, Marco Beltrami and Angelo Badalamenti.

Mikael Carlsson, the artistic director and producer of Soundtracks Live!, has been part of the film music business for 25 years. He started out as a film music journalist, before moving into the field of soundtrack album production in 2006. He has produced over 300 score albums, the majority of them released on his own labels MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records. As a concert producer, Mikael has been the arranger and supervisor of concerts featuring the music of composers such as Marco Beltrami and Carter Burwell, and he was the symphonic music producer for the International Film Music Festival, Province of Córdoba, Spain for three years. Mikael is also a composer in his own right focusing on writing concert music and sacred music for choir.

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